Kyle Stevens is a top entertainment journalist who brings you exclusive articles featuring your favorite celebrities that cannot be found anywhere else.  He has conducted features with some of the biggest names in the pop culture industry including Nick Cannon, Steve Aoki, Michael Bublé, Rob Van Dam, Brendan Gleeson and Stevie Nicks.

Kyle is a pop culture enthusiast. His passion for the entertainment industry – its stars and their stories – really shows when you read his work. Kyle has written about my clients and attended media events I’ve put together. He’s a professional always and a pleasure to be around. And as a human being, Kyle is caring, compassionate, committed and conscientious. He’s a joy to work with and I’m glad to know him.

Lamar Dawson, Publicist

It is my goal to develop theatre artists who will stand out, wherever they work, not only by virtue of their technical skills but for their unique visions, both of their role in theatre and of the role of theatre in life. Kyle Stevens has done me proud.  His interviews reflect extraordinary focus and attention to detail.  Kyle genuinely cares about a person’s story and always roots for their success.  He gives generously of himself and sees the room and all those within, not glazed over and media soaked, but a young man from another era, a person of substance and kindness.

Clista Townsend, Performance Coach